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UK Visa and Immigration 



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A visitors visa allow to entre into the UK temporarily for reason such as - holiday, visit family friend, to conduct some sort of business, to have medical treatment etc. All visitors to the UK must meet the general entry validity and suitability requirement set out in the (Appendix V) Visitor to immigration rules

UK spouse visa

Spouse Visa

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Spouse visas or marriage visas allow non UK residents aged 18 or over who are engaged, married or proposed civil partnership and want to come and live together with your British partner in the UK. initial period is 33 months and this can be extended and is a route to settlement subject to meeting the requirement under the Appendix FM such as genuine relationship , financial, English language requirement .

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A skill worker visa allows applicant to entre into the UK to take eligible job with an approved employer. In order to qualify under this route you must have job offer from the list of eligible occupation from UK employer that has been approved by the Home Office.

Skill Worker Visa

UK Fiancé visa

Extension Of Stay

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if you have permission to be in the UK for limited period, you must apply for your visa extension before current leave expire. Applying for extension can be complicated process especially when circumstances have changed. KLS will ensure tha.t you do not make costly, and disastrous error while applying for extension


Student Visa

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A student visa is for a person who is coming to the UK to study at a Home Office approved education provider. Immigration rules require the applicant to gain 70 points as follows; Confirmation of acceptance of studies (50) English language (10) Finance (10).

UK visa

Naturalisation as British Citizen

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A foreign national adult living in the UK with settled status can apply to become a British citizen by the process known as naturalisation

Schengen visa 

Are you interested in travelling largest free travel area in the world? Schengen visas allow you to travel most of the European (compromise 27 countries) countries

Indefinite Leave to Remain

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A foreign national adult living in the UK with settled status can apply to become a British citizen by the process known as naturalisation


Ancestry visa

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Ancestry route is for the grandchildren of British citizen who migrated from the UK, Appendix UK Ancestry outlines route as intended for commonwealth citizen aged 17 of over whose grandparent was born in the UK

blue flag of EU if you have this flag you can travel in schengen countrysides with schengen visa
British citizenship

World Wide Visa Services 

USA flag with blue background

United States

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Most of the non-US passport holder require to apply for visa prior to enter and remain in US. Eligibility requirements may varies depending on reason of travelling, however following are the information you would be expected to provide when making visa application

CANADA flag with red color


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Most visitor travelling to Canada would require visa or E visa to enter and remain in CANDA, for short stay up six months. You must meet all the requirements to in order to have application successful, following are the supporting information you may require to provide in order to have application successful.

NEW ZELAND  flag with blur color

New Zealand

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Certain nationality holder is required to apply for visa to enter and remain in New Zealand for holiday purpose. Processing time could take up to 4 weeks therefore it is advisable toa ply well before intended traveling dates.

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Most oversea visitor would require applying and obtain visa prior to travelling. Russian visit visa is ideal if you are looking for short term visit, Russian national tourist office can help your secure visa, usually valid for up to 30 days allow you to stay and remain for specific period. To apply Russian visa you would require following documents

UAE flag with stick

United Arab Emirates

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If you are planning trip to UEA, you are required to obtain entry permit Visa for tourism or business usually valid for 60 days for all those not eligible for on arrival visa. To apply for UEA visa provide following documents.

tURKEY name with flag


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Certain nationality holder is required to apply and obtain Turkey e visa prior to travelling to Turkey, turkey evisa allow national of over 25 countries to enter without having physical step on their passport. Visit visa to Turkey are electronic no documents required, we would require certain information depending on individuals’ circumstances to process with visa application however not documents need to be sent. If you require assistance in obtaining E visa get in touch.

INDan flag with three color


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Most non-Indian passport holder require to apply for Indian visa before traveling to enter to India. There are different visa typed are available depending on each induvial circumstances, and reason for travelling, same applies on validity and duration of visa, however following are the list of the documents required in order to have successful application.

AUStrilan flag with stars


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Everyone except you are an Australian citizen, you will need a valid Australian visa to enter the country. You may be eligible to apply for different Australian traveller to Australia, which Australian visa to apply for depends on the length of your stay, your passport and the purpose of your visit. You’ll also need to meet certain financial and medical requirements, be outside of Australia when applying and maintain health insurance for the duration of your stay. You may be eligible for an eVisitor visa or an Australian Electronic Travel Authority (ETA).

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