1. Health and Care Visa

1: Applies to healthcare professionals like nurses, doctors, and allied health professionals.

2: Salary threshold increases to £23,200 for national pay scale roles and £29,000 for roles not on national pay scales.

3: Immigration Salary List determines thresholds for specific occupations.

4: Exemption from Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) continues.

5: Dependents can accompany visa holders with the right to work.

6: Only CQC-registered providers in England can sponsor care workers or senior care workers.

2. Skilled Worker Visa

1: Applies to roles not eligible for Health and Care Visa but sponsored by NHS trusts, like IT and finance professionals.

2: New applications require meeting a salary threshold of £38,700.

3: Existing visa holders exempt from new salary levels but subject to updated percentiles upon changes or extensions.

4: Immigration Salary List determines thresholds, with an increased IHS of £1,035 per year per applicant.

5: Dependents retain the right to work.

The aim to ensure that the UK continues to attract skilled professionals, especially in critical sectors like healthcare, while also maintaining a balance between immigration and domestic workforce needs.

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