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UK Visit visa

Who is a standard visitor?


UK visit visa allow anyone coming to the UK for the purpose of tourism, business, study (courses up to 6 months) and other permitted activities.


Are standard visitors on business now permitted to get paid for services rendered


Yes!, under UK visit  visa standard visitors who visit UK on business can now engage in paid employments in limited circumstances. They now have the legal rights to attend interviews, meetings, conferences, seminars, negotiate and sign deals and contracts, get work-related trainings in UK and most importantly, oversee the delivery of goods and services provided by a UK company or organisation.


What activities can you do as your overseas job role?


With UK visit visa, you can do the following activities as a Standard Visitor:

Archaeologist, artist, entertainer or musician, bodyguard, camera operator, driver, internal audit, journalist or correspondent, lawyer or expert witness, market researcher or analyst, personal assistant, professor from an overseas academic institution, religious worker, scientist or researcher, seafarer, sport person, tour group courier, translator, member of film crew and member of production and technical team supporting an artist.


Is IELTS required to be able to work under the Standard visitor’s visa?


No!, IELTS is not a requirement for UK visit visa.


What document do you need to work as a Standard visitor who visits UK on business?


Your visa with your approval to work from the Home Office.


Can a Standard visitor do a paid or unpaid work in UK as a self-employed person ?


No!, a standard visitor cannot work as a self-employed person with UK Visit visa.

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