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UK Visa news update- UK students Visa

UK student visa has been extremely attractive for student around the world as of now student can stay two years in the UK for work without sponsor after completing their studies at degree level. However recently UK Home office instructed MAC, Migration advisory committee to conduct review of the graduate route visa, post study work option for international students, to understand effectiveness in attracting and retaining the brightest students around the world come to study in the UK.

The UK Home office introduced Graduate Route allows student to remain in the UK for work after successfully completing their degree programme at higher education provider. The UK Home Office have been open about desire to reduce net migration to the UK, as seen in recent drastic changes in UK Skilled worker visa routes as well as increase in income threshold in UK spouse visa.

The migration advisory committee expecting to complete review by 14 may 2024, the UK home office desire for finding such shorter period then usually commission will take, this speedy process will potentially limit commission ability to conduct review and may be question over quantity and quality of finding of review, this has also raised question whether home office genuine seeking better understanding of the Graduate visa route or simply looking for a reason to withdraw it.  

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