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UK Visa, News Update


UK Visa, News Update


UK visa, immigration news update; In a bid to fulfil its pledge of reducing migration and safeguarding the integrity of the UK's immigration system, the government has initiated significant changes, effective immediately. These alterations aim to address concerns regarding the misuse of student visas and the influx of dependants, thereby contributing to a substantial reduction in migration numbers.


As per recent statistics from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the net migration figure stood at a staggering 672,000 from June 2022 to June 2023. Alarming data revealed a staggering increase of over 930%, with 152,980 visas issued to dependants of students in the year ending September 2023, compared to just 14,839 in the year ending September 2019.

Under the new regulations, international students embarking on courses this month will face restrictions on bringing family members to the UK, except for specific circumstances such as postgraduate research courses or courses funded by government scholarships. This move aims to prevent the exploitation of student visas as a pathway to work in the UK and is expected to result in approximately 140,000 fewer individuals entering the country. Home Secretary James Cleverly emphasized the government's commitment to curtailing migration, stating that the measures introduced will help reduce migration by tens of thousands and contribute to the broader strategy of preventing 300,000 individuals from entering the UK. Minister for Legal Migration and the Border, Tom Pursglove MP, echoed these sentiments, affirming the need for decisive action to address unsustainable levels of migration. Furthermore, the government is implementing measures to deter illegal migration, including a significant decrease in small boat arrivals and increased raids targeting illegal working. Additionally, agreements with various countries and the introduction of new legislation are being leveraged to manage migration effectively.


While these changes may pose challenges, the government remains dedicated to maintaining the attractiveness of the UK's higher education sector and recognizing the valuable contribution of international students. Alternative approaches will be explored in collaboration with universities to ensure that the brightest minds continue to be welcomed to the UK while simultaneously reducing net migration. Looking ahead, the government plans to further tighten regulations, including increasing salary thresholds and reviewing the Graduate route to uphold the integrity of the UK higher education system. This comprehensive approach aims to achieve the largest reduction in migration numbers to date, signaling a tough but fair strategy to bring net migration down to sustainable levels. As these measures are gradually introduced throughout early 2024, affected individuals will be given ample time to prepare for the upcoming changes. The government remains committed to ensuring a smooth transition while prioritizing the integrity and security of the UK's immigration system.

At Kash legal services, we offer assistance to navigate these complexities, providing expert guidance to both students and universities alike. By staying informed about the latest regulations and offering tailored advice, we can help ensure compliance with immigration laws while facilitating access to education opportunities in the UK.


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