Most of the applicant applying leave to entre or remain in the UK pay, on top of the application fee, HIS Immigration Health Surcharge (it is the payment that will allow you to access healthcare services offered by NHS. Below is the summary of the rule determining whether this is refundable and how to get it. How much you will pay is subject to change and varies according to length of stay of applicant, currently as follows.

(a) £470 per year for student

(b) £470 per year for visa and immigration applicants who are under the age 18 at time of application.

(c) £624 per year for all other visa and immigration applications.

You will get refunded HIS either full or partial, please note you will not get HIS refund if application has been successful, you will get full refund only if

(a) Paid twice

(b) Visa application is refused

(c) You withdraw your application at any time before a decision has been made.

You will receive partial refund if

(a) You have been granted leave less then you have asked, and you have paid for extra year

(b) Any dependant visa application has been refused.

In most instances you should get refund automatically, be paid to the account you have paid with, however if you do not get response within six weeks of receiving a decision on your visa application, you should contact UKVI.

Health care worker are exempt from paying the HIS, if you have come to the UK on different route and started working in health care sector, you may be eligible for HIS refund.

Have you got any question or required assistance in matter relating with UK immigration please get in touch. website; Tel 01143279654; Email

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