Are you seeking to enter the UK to provide car for the sick family member or friend?

There is no provision in the Immigration Rules for those seeking to enter the UK to care for a sick family member or friend. There is not any as such establish provision within immigration rules however anyone wishes to enter the UK to provide short term care may do so under the rules relating to general visitors. In general, each case under the visitor category must be looked at its individuals’ merits while considering period leave to entre is granted, however following are the additional information to maximise probability of successful application.

(a) Type of illness evidence by consultant letter

(b) Identify kind of care required.

(c) Consider what care option are available such as social services or other relatives/friends.

(d) The long-term prognosis

According to the policy on care suggest period of 3 months should be granted initially with further 12 months leave is grated on strict understanding that during this time arrangements will be made for future care.

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