Schengen Visa Success Rates: A Guide for Travelers

Planning a trip to Europe? You’ll likely need a Schengen visa, and securing one can be a stressful process. But some countries within the Schengen area have higher approval rates than others, making them easier for travelers to obtain a visa.


Kash Legal Services, a UK immigration lawyer, has compiled a list of the countries with the highest success rates for Schengen visa applications. This data can help you choose your travel destination and potentially streamline the application process.


  • Iceland leads the pack with a remarkably low 2.2% rejection rate. This suggests that Iceland is incredibly welcoming to visitors from around the world.


  • Switzerland follows closely behind with a 10.7% rejection rate, making it another excellent choice for travelers seeking a higher chance of visa approval.


  • Latvia boasts a 11.7% rejection rate, offering a comfortable middle ground for those wanting to experience the Baltic region.


  • Italy and Luxembourg both have rejection rates of 12% and 12.7% respectively, solidifying their place as relatively easy countries to secure a Schengen visa.


While the rejection rates increase slightly for the following countries, they still offer relatively high chances of approval:


  • Lithuania: 12.8%
  • Slovakia: 12.9%
  • Germany: 14.3%
  • Austria: 14.3%
  • Greece: 14.7%


Keep in mind that these are general trends and individual circumstances can influence the outcome of your visa application. Factors like your nationality, travel history, and purpose of travel all play a role in the decision.


Kash Legal Services offers expert guidance and support for all your UK immigration needs. We can help you navigate the complex world of visa applications, ensuring you have the best possible chance of success.


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