There is speculation that the UK government is actively considering policy changes that may stop foreign students from bringing their spouses and children to the UK while studying in the UK, unless they are pursuing “high-value” degrees. The government is engaged in ongoing discussions regarding this matter. Under (unconfirmed) the potential new rules, students would only be allowed to bring their family members if they are studying courses that the government deems as economically valuable, such as science, mathematics, and engineering. Presently, this is not the case, regardless of their course of study, postgraduate students are permitted to bring their family members. An official announcement from the UK government regarding updates to international student policy is expected to be made soon.

What is certified translation for UK visa and immigration purpose.

Certified translation for UK visa and immigration purpose is a translation of official documents that has been authenticated and certified as accurate by professional translator. All the evidence in support of application should be in English or Welsh or accompanied by certified translation and this should be accompanied by written confirmation from the translation company that it is true and original translation of the original document, the date of the translation should be stated along with full name and contact details of the translator or representative of the translation company.

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