UK spouse visa is for British spouse, In accordance with appendix FM contain rules for UK spouse visa, applicant with many other requirement, applying for spouse visa must meet suitability requirement which concern criminal history, previous deception in previous application, any money owed to NHS or Home Office litigation cost. As well as application applying for UK spouse visa leave to entre or remain must not fall foul of certain requirement of Part 9 (ground for refusal) such as previously breach immigration laws i.e. overstaying, or applicant previously contrived in a significant way to frustrate the intention of the rules.

Case study

Ali has previously stayed in the UK, during his stay he was detained by Home Office for illegal working and the subsequent applicant failed to report to home office. Ali met Sajida and fell in love, left the UK voluntarily and got married in Pakistan. Now Ali wants to re entre in the UK as Sajida spouse.

Unfortunately, his application for UK spouse visa is a real risk of being refused under the immigration rules. There is other requirement as well when applying for UK spouse visa application, but they are less common.

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