Human rights are like armor – they protect us; they are like rules - they tell us how to behave; and they are like arbitrators - we can turn to them. They are abstract - like emotions, and like emotions, they belong to everyone and exist, no matter what happens around them

They are similar to nature because they can be despised; and with spirit, because they cannot be destroyed. Like time, they treat us all equally: rich and poor, old and young, white and black, tall and short. They offer us respect and require us to treat others with respect. They are like goodness, truth, and justice: we may disagree about their definition, but we recognize them when we see them violated.

Project info

  • Category Business, Corporate
  • Client Jennifer Reno
  • Date June 21, 2022
  • Team Daniel Jensen

Lawful Processing and Consent


We operate legitimate reason processing of personal data. In term of marketing KLS we may use data (email, call, text) if there is consent; otherwise, there will be an opportunity to opt out

A person’s right to life does not depend on another person’s promise not to kill that person.