All visitors to the UK must meet the general entry validity and suitability requirement set out in the (Appendix V) Visitor to immigration rules.

What is Genuineness and Credibility.

The applicant must be a genuine visitor, meaning that he/she is genuinely seeking entry for the purpose permitted by the rules and will leave the UK at the end of their visit. The applicant will not live in the UK for extended period, will not make frequent and successive visits or establish the UK as their main home. Further the applicant will not undertake any prohibited activities.

What is Maintenance and accommodation?

An applicant must have sufficient funds to cover all reasonable cost in relation to his/her visit without working or accessing public funds. This includes accommodation, the cost of return or onward journey, any causal costs related to dependence, and the cost of any planned activities such as private medical treatment.

Can I rely on Third party assistance?

The applicant can rely on third party support if they have a genuine or professional relationship with the visitor.

What are the Prohibited activities?

An applicant must not intend to work in the UK. This includes taking formal employment in the UK, doing work for an organisation or business within the UK, or establishing and/or running a business.

What are permitted activities:

Visitors are allowed to do following activities; tourism and leisure, volunteering, general business activities, legal activities, as well as matters relating to religion, sport, work related training, study, medical treatment, organ donation etc..

Marriage and civil partnership visitors:

A person may enter the UK in order to marry or enter a civil partnership provided, of course, that the couple do not intend to stay in the UK after the marriage or civil partnership ceremony.

If the couple wish to remain in the UK permanently, the applicant should apply as fiancés or civil partner.

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