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No Need for UK Sponsor, how to enter UK without sponsorship

UK visa update, Despite potential difficulty coming to the UK as sponsor worker, the UK immigration offer several alternative routes that can be considered including, UK graduate visa, allow non-British to work for any employer in any role without salary threshold for two years after UK degree course or three years after completing PHD. High potential individuals visa is another alternative open to graduated from any a top global university to stay in the UK for two years and work. High potential individuals visa allow employer to hire top graduate, this provides opportunity for people who have graduated from world top universities to come to the UK with their dependents in an unsponsored route, allowing the to come to live and work in the UK. The UK government has published global universities lists which can be accessed here, potential employee should check for eligible universities and off course other eligibility criteria applies to qualify for entry to UK.

Similarly, Youth mobility UK visa, has expanded to new categories of applicants in January 2024. Anyone who has exceptional talent or have potential to become on global leader in certain field including science, engineering, and digital technology, can possibly apply for global talent visa.

Need further information on UK Visa?

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