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Family Reunion

Spouse visas or marriage visas allow you to live together with your British partner in the UK for up to 30 months initially. This can be extended and is a route to settlement.  The main point is that couple must be in a genuine and subsisting relationship. In short, the applicant must have entered a valid marriage or valid civil partnership.

What are the relationship requirements?

The partner must be British, present, and settled in UK. They must be over 18 and the relationship must not be within prohibited degree. Parties have met in person (face to face meetings that allow the relationship to develop over the internet/social media will satisfy). The relationship is genuine and subsisting. A couple must be in valid marriage or civil partnership. Any previous relationship broken down permanently and have intention to live in UK permanently etc.???

What are the financial requirements?

The applicant must provide documentary evidence that shows minimum gross annual income. To satisfy financial requirement, the UK spouse needs an income of at least £18,600 before tax and £22,400 if there are any dependents.

What is living together?

Home Office guidance is that living together should be applied “fairly tightly”. The couple should show evidence of cohabitation during the preceding  two years. Short breaks apart, of up to six months, where it is not possible for the partner to accompany, may be acceptable for work commitments or looking after relatives.

In order to demonstrate a two years’ relationship, evidence of cohabitation is needed in order to show the relationship is akin to marriage or civil partnership. The Home Office will look for evidence of a committed relationship.

What are the English language requirement?

Applicants are required to submit evidence of having met the English language requirement. A certificate to show the applicant has reached level A1 in an approved English language speaking and listening test. Exceptions apply to applicants from majority English speaking countries or those with appropriate academic qualifications.

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Restaurant Workers

Extension of Stay

if you have permission to be in the UK for limited period, you must apply for your visa extension before current leave expire. Applying for extension can be complicated process especially when circumstances have changed. KLS will ensure that you do not make costly, and disastrous error while applying for extension.

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Skill Worker Visa

A skill worker visa allows applicant to entre into the UK to take eligible job with an approved employer. In order to qualify under this route you must have job offer from the list of eligible occupation from UK employer that has been approved by the Home Office. 

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