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Student Visa

A student visa is for a person who is coming to the UK to study at a Home Office approved education provider. This is otherwise known as sponsorship. Immigration rules require the applicant to gain 70 points as follows; Confirmation of acceptance of studies (50) English language (10) Finance (10).

What is Genuine Student Provision?

Students must show genuine intention to study. When considering whether a student is genuine the Home Office will consider previous educational and immigration history of the applicant, any post study plan and personal financial circumstances. Applicants may also be interviewed to assess genuineness. To apply entry clearance, the student must have been issued a Certificate of Acceptance of studies (CAS), must provide evidence of meeting the financial as well as English language requirement. 

NOTE: This is not route for settlement.

What is Certificate of Acceptance for studies (CAS)?

A CAS, issued by a Home Office , is an approved licence sponsor for a single course of study or for pre-sessional course followed by degree. It contains mandatory information such as study address, fees, English language assessment and course details.


What are the financial requirements?

All students are expected to show that they hold sufficient funds to cover the full cost of their course plus, if study at London, £1,334 each month for at least 9 months. If outside London £1,023 each month for up to a maximum 9 months.

What are the English language requirements?

All students must show English language at Level B2, if course is at Bachelors’ degree level or above, B1 if below degree level. However, exceptions apply to those who are either nationals of a majority English speaking country, or who hold an academic qualification at degree level or above in the UK.

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